Winterfest 2007

Schedule for Event:

    Kirkwood Lodge    Light Dinner     Saturday (Dec. 29th)    5:00 pm

                                     Induction Ceremonies            5:30 pm   7:30 pm

                                                    1st Degree                     5:30 pm

                                                    2nd Degree                   6:15 pm

YMCA Photos

 Kirkwood YMCA       Lock-In Activites (Coed)     8:00 pm to 8:00 am

                                          (DeMolay Members Only !!!!)

                                           Welcome - Jobs Daughters & Rainbow Girls

                                            "Strict Guidelines Apply"

    (Swimming, Sports, Games, Movies, Dance, X-Box Room, Etc.)

    ** Special Thanks to State Mother Club  -  Refreshments !!!